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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

All too often, individuals are inappropriately placed in roles within an organization. Productivity in the workplace cannot flourish when then feel as though they have to persevere with the role, even though they cannot really engage with that role. Consider the following attributes when deciding what role to allocate to an individual within your company.

Problem Solver or Steady Doer?

Not all roles within a team are the same; some people are excellent at solving the problems that the team is facing, whereas others are better at maintaining day to day task. Excellent performance in either of these roles requires a different array of skills. In order to match the right person with the job, it is worth considering setting a short test in order to gage the way in which an individual thinks. This could be a written test or a practical test, depending on time restraints. Seeing how a person thinks allows you to allocate them to a role that they will feel best utilizes their skills, allowing them to engage fully with the task at hand and keep productivity in the workplace rolling along.


Different people respond in different ways to stressful situations. Placing an individual in a stressful role when they are unable to cope with such pressure is a recipe for disaster. The person is unlikely to be productive and eventually the individual will disengage from the role. Similarly, placing somebody in a low-level role when he or she thrives under stress will lead to that individual becoming disillusioned with the role, and so they will also disengage. This is obviously counterproductive.

An employee whose skills are suited to a particular role will engage with that role and feel far more valued, leading to productivity in the workplace. Productivity breeds profit.

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