Two Important Things to do When Planning Workplace Wellness Programs

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Planning for any workplace wellness program should always involve the employees in order to design a program that suits their needs.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Workplace wellness programs are one of the best ways to stimulate a healthy and effective workforce. Organizations need to take advantage of these programs.

Know What They Want

The main reason why workplace wellness programs often seem like they are not effective is mainly attributable to the fact that management doesn’t know what the employees want. What the employees want is a key factor in implementing effective workplace wellness programs. Establish a platform that allows for feedback from employees so that you know what their needs are and that the programs can be directed at meeting those needs. When a platform for feedback is established, you will involve employees and because of this, the reception to the program is going to have an effective impact.

Also, ensure that there is a way for employees to be engaged. For each event or activity, provide options for people who want to participate. Some prefer to do things on their own while others prefer support or competition from peers.

Involve People in the Planning

The success of any wellness program or activity depends on employee involvement, so it is essential to involve employees in the planning process. Very small businesses may not need a wellness committee, but will need someone to lead the activities for your own kind of workplace wellness programs.

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