Humor And Play -The Natural Cures To Life’s Hardships

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Laughter and play help you deal with life’s adversities!

Laughter and play help you deal
with life’s adversities!

Have a peak at the many ways in which humor and play can help you in your daily life:

Help you survive difficulties: Healthy recreational activities, smiles, laughter and hilarity, all help to combat life’s adversities and hardship. They are the natural remedy that is able to lighten your spirit and unload the burdens that start to build up in our hearts. Plus they help you get back on track and in times of extreme difficulty they allow you to see your hardships and setbacks from a whole new perspective through which you are able to beat the hard times.

Help you say things you usually can’t. By resorting to subtle humor you are often able to express things that otherwise you are embarrassed, ashamed or are afraid to express. For instance, if your spouse is incensed at something you did or didn’t do; gentle comedy can lighten up her mood and get you out of the hot zone.

Boosts your energy levels and more: Studies confirm that a lively laughter decreases stress levels, enhances your energy level and your mood by restoring your nervous system’s balance. Plus it has been shown that a humorous conversation alleviates exhaustion and calms your body..

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