Hitting the Ground Running

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It seems like the how you start your day creates a momentum that is like going downhill. Good days seem to get better and better producing a momentum that makes you feel like you are running effortlessly downhill. Bad days usually get nothing but nastier and can feel like you have tripped and are falling downhill faster and faster.

Core Concept: Every action you take increases your odds of taking a similar action. String multiple similar actions together and you multiply your chances of doing more of the same.

Is this concept good news or bad? It depends on whether you are running or falling. A better question is “how can position yourself to hit the ground running more often?”

Core Concept: Tomorrows Motivation Starts Today.

If you wake up tired, disorganized, and behind schedule you are poised for a fall. I’ve found one of the most powerful ways to hit the ground running with maximum motivation, optimism, and energy is to employ an evening power prep.

The Core 7 Step Evening Power Prep:

  1. Before you leave work do a POWER TASK RECAP – What 3 things did I do today AND what 3 things will I do tomorrow to be healthy and massively productive?
  2. As soon as you finish work RECHARGE. What can you do to revive yourself so that when return to your loved ones you are at your best?
  3. As you sit down to DINNER include a lean protein, veggie, salad, and fruit cup.
  4. Two hours before bed shut down your intake of WATER and other fluids so you will not interrupt your deep sleep.
  5. Ensure you capitalize on the the 5% solution and take your supplements: multi-vitamin, 1200mg Calcium, and 1000mg flax seed oil.
  6. Do your LAYOUT POWER PREP – Layout or pack tomorrow’s exercise and work clothes, and breakfast items.
  7. In the hour before bed set yourself up to SLEEP DEEP – darken and cool your sleep environment to 67 degrees.

While seven steps may seem like a lot, this whole process takes very little time, and it is my experience that the time you invest comes back ten fold. Put these steps into action tonight and tomorrow you will hit the ground running and have a better, more balanced, productive and satisfying day.



Andy Core is a credentialed, award-winning thought leader on increasing employee engagement, productivity, and wellness motivation. His talent lies in helping hard-working, conscientious adults thrive at work and in their personal lives.

Andy also wrote the book Change Your Day, Not Your Life, a guide to sustained motivation and more productivity.

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