High Blood Pressure- The Second Dominant Disease In The World

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Unaddressed High Blood pressure can lead to a stroke or a heart attack!

Unaddressed High Blood pressure can lead
to a stroke or a heart attack!

According to Health Analysts High Blood pressure is on the rise these days. They claim that over almost 2 billion people worldwide are suffering from this condition.

Blood pressure is considered normal and healthy when it falls at or below 120/80. In contrast, blood pressure is defined to be high if it equates to 140/90 or any reading above this. Blood pressure is measured by checking the systolic and diastolic value. If any of the two readings are in the abnormal range, then blood pressure is understood to be high.

Monitoring you BP is relatively simple and if you do suffer from blood pressure problems you should make it a habit to check your BP on a regular basis. Not addressing your blood pressure conditions in time and delaying it can lead to various fatal health problems. Like for instance, individuals with High blood pressure are more susceptible to getting a stroke or a heart attack. The High BP condition is often genetically inherited.

Hence if any of your blood relatives suffer from the disease, you should be wary about attaining the condition yourself. Furthermore, it’s best that you take up some proper preventive measures in order to not be affected by it.

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