How HFCS Can Be Detrimental For Your Health!

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High Fructose Corn Syrup triggers your hunger hormones and can cause you to overeat!

High Fructose Corn Syrup triggers your hunger
hormones and can cause you to overeat!

High fructose corn syrup also short for HFCS, is an artificial sweetener that is usually present in processed junk foods such as sodas, candies, chocolates, frozen desserts etc. HFCS will trigger your brain’s hunger hormones in ways that normal sugar or glucose won’t. HFCs can actually induce hunger and can cause you to overeat.

Researchers state that when you gulp down a pre-packaged dessert that is loaded with HFCs, your brain is not able to register whether you are full. Studies show that drinking beverages or eating foods that are packed with HFCs triggers the regions of the brain that are responsible for stimulating hunger. Moreover, since HFCS increase your appetite they often lead to obesity.

Additionally, this highly processed artificial substance has also shown to disrupt our bodies metabolism as our stomachs aren’t able to digest HFCs properly. Plus this substance is present in processed foods in abundance and hence the effects are far more adverse.  Furthermore, previous studies have also reported plausible problems with thinking and memory, plus HFCS has multitudes of other detrimental effects on our overall health. In addition further studies indicate that HFCS can lead to diabetes, can weaken liver functioning and also increase serum triglycerides in men.

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