How To Make Healthy Choices When Eating Out

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Learn to adopt healthy eating habits when eating out!

Learn to adopt healthy
eating habits when eating out!

Stated below are few habits you could consider adopting when dining out:

Be vigilant about your food choices. Always read the description given on the menu about each dish. Check whether your choice of dish includes elements that are butter-dipped, deep-fried, breaded etc. You should try to avoid such dishes as they are extremely high in calories and sodium. Instead look for dishes that come with the side of vegetables and include leaner cut of animal protein to keep cut down the calories.

Have plenty of water before starting your meal.  In order to reduce your calorie intake and to overindulge have a glass or two of water preferably 15 minutes before your meal. Moreover, if you get thirsty during your meals, stick to water, ice tea or fresh lemonade instead of sipping down carbonated drinks like Pepsi. Carbonated drinks are loaded with sugar and additives which can be extremely detrimental for your health.

Instruct your waiter to lay low on the dressings!  Whether it’s salads, sandwiches, wraps, steaks or pastas, all these items are usually loaded with some kinds of sauces, dressing or are served with heavy dips. Specify to your waiter that you’d like for your dish to have just a little bit of dressing or none at all.  Or if that’s not possible you can always ask them to serve the dressing or sauce on the side and that way you’ll have control over how much you’d like to add.

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