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The stretch zone of stress is the ideal zone for an employee to be in to maximize productivity in the workplace

The stretch zone of stress is the ideal zone for an employee to be in to maximize productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

If productivity in the workplace is to be maintained, employees need to operate at a certain level. Whenever we are faced with a situation that we have to cope with, whether that be at work or otherwise, we will fall into one of three stress zones; these are the comfort zone, stretch zone or panic zone. It is vitally important that your managers are able to determine which zone your employees have entered so that they can act accordingly.

Comfort Zone

If a person is within their comfort zone, they will feel very relaxed and stable. Usually, this is when the employee is doing a very routine job that they are no longer challenged by. Whilst your employees will be happiest in this state, they are less likely to be innovative or push themselves, which may stifle their productivity and, so, the development of your company.

Stretch Zone

This is the ideal zone for an employee to be in. They still feel comfortable, but are no longer completely at ease. The job that they are doing is challenging them, forcing them to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems. This is where a person will be in their most productive state and during this time, they will contribute the most productivity in the workplace. Whilst it is likely to tire your employee out if they remain in this zone for too long, you want to ensure that they are within this stress level throughout most of the day.

Panic Zone

This is where management is key. It is very easy for a person to stray from the stretch zone into the panic zone, but the consequences of doing so may be catastrophic. An employee in the panic zone is likely to be overstretched and unable to cope with the demands of work. Their confidence will decrease and their comfort zone will shrink. This can be very damaging to your business.

A good man manager will ensure that your employees spend as long as possible in the stretch zone, where they have just the right amount of stress to ensure that their level of productivity in the workplace remains high.

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