Forgive and Forget: Let Anger Walk

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  Elephants never forget, but you can forget your anger in time

Elephants never forget, but you can
forget your anger in time

There are times when people do you wrong, and you may have trouble not holding a grudge. The important thing to realize is that holding on to anger will really only hurt you in the end. The person with whom you’re angry may not care, or may even get satisfaction from knowing that you have held onto anger toward them.

When someone makes you angry or sad, it may take a while, but the best thing you can do is to forgive and forget. If it is a family member or spouse, and you want to repair your relationship, forgiving is the first step.

The forgetting part may be a bit more difficult. It isn’t that you forget the wrongdoing completely, but rather that you allow yourself to put it behind you. You try to forget the bad feelings you associated with your loved ones’ actions. If the bad treatment becomes a pattern, you may decide to move on.

If you have already moved on, or the transgression toward you was committed by a co-worker, acquaintance, or even a stranger, you should deal with it as necessary and move on. People make mistakes, and some people are just rude or mean. You can’t let their actions make you live an unhappy life. Learn to let go of anger.

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