Ace an Interview with a Business Motivational Speaker’s Guidelines

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Interview Guidelines

Go ace your interview with these wonderful tips from Andy Core, your trusted business motivational speaker.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Business motivational speaker Andy Core would like to guide you on how to ace your dream job interview effectively with these amazing tips!

Landing a job is definitely difficult, especially now that there are thousands of people who are also capable of doing the kind of work you do. In order for you to get the job, check these tips and ace your dream job interview.

  • Maintain eye contact. Your interviewer likes to see your eyes, not because they look great, but because as the old saying goes, “eyes are the windows to your soul.” Emotions are very visible and your sincerity is reflected in them. Your interviewer will then figure out if you are real or just weaving sweet words together.
  • Be confident, but do not be boastful. You must be confident of your skills. Make sure that you are not being too confident, that will lead you to appear boastful, and it will leave a negative impression. Any business motivational speaker will tell you that no one likes a braggart.
  • Share what you can do for the company, not what the company may be able to do for you. You have to key in all your capabilities that will be beneficial to the company. Let the interviewer understand that the company needs you.
  • Make yourself unforgettable – in a good way. There will be questions that will leave an impression so you have to make sure that you will be great at answering the questions.

Andy Core, your trusted business motivational speaker, guarantees you that when these methods are executed well, you will be able to hit your dream job right away!

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