Eradicate Self-destructive Habits To Reduce Work Stress

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Self-destructive behavior will only augment your stress levels!

Self-destructive behavior will only
augment your stress levels!

Certain self-destructive habits and behavior can simply add to your work-induced stress. In order to eradicate this kind of supplementary stress you need to learn to deal with these habits appropriately.

Quit being a perfectionist. Nothing in life is ever perfect. If you are after perfectionism, you are only going to bring on unnecessary added stress. Rather than setting up impractical goals just aim to do your very best, otherwise you will keeping falling.

Be more disciplined and punctual. Work related stress can increase due to miniscule things such as a messy office or unpunctuality. If you are in the habit of always being late then try setting your clocks a few minutes ahead in time or set the alarm. Moreover, if your office needs some organizing then spend a couple of hours to clean up your desk and discard any unnecessary files or items. Additionally, to introduce a bit more discipline in your work life, make a schedule for each day and stick to it.

Keep up a positive attitude. There will be days where your superiors might complain about the work you hand in, or perhaps you might be having a hard time with one of the co-coworkers. Instead of beating yourself over the situation or feeling sorry for yourself, just shun the negative sentiments away and focus on work

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