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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Personal Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

Many of you wonder ‘’Why do I always feel tired?’’ There is a simple explanation in most people’s cases.

Often the reason that people feel tired is that they are not eating enough and not eating the right kinds of foods. The human body needs an adequate supply of carbohydrates to survive. Carbohydrates turn into energy that our body uses as ‘fuel’ in its daily functions.

So it makes sense that without adequate‘fuel’ our body feels tired and just wants to rest

So it makes sense that without adequate ‘fuel’ our
body feels tired and just wants to rest

Carbohydrates are found in food so your best bet to stop yourself from getting tired as easily is to eat more foods with higher levels of nutritious carbohydrates.

Another way to boost up your energy level is moderate exercise. A slow relaxing jog in the morning, not only boosts your energy level throughout your whole day but it also helps in preventing heart disease. And after a jog, a well-deserved shower helps you feel not only refreshed but less tired for the rest of the whole day

A simple jog can have amazing results for increasing and keeping your energy level up throughout the entire day.

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