Empower Your Employees for Better Productivity in the Workplace

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Make your employees feel empowered for increased productivity in the workplace.

Make your employees feel empowered for increased productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Employers can always expect productivity in the workplace if the employees are happy. It is very important for employees’ morale to be up and for it to be maintained throughout the work hours so they can continue working at peak efficiency. One huge factor in keeping employees happy is by making them feel empowered.

Allow your employees freedom. The less red tape they feel, the more likely that they’ll be working at their best. Every person works at their best when they are comfortable, and freedom is a very big factor in maintaining comfort while they are in the office. I am sure you would not hire your employees if you feel like they will be detrimental to your organization, so let them work how they want to work. They should have common sense to know what is right and what is not right to do, even without specifying explicit restrictions.

Of course, with power comes responsibility. Don’t allow them to run wild. If you feel like what they are doing can hurt your company, or if your employees are just procrastinating, approach them and speak to them in a calm and friendly manner. Most of the time, they will understand. Just do not scold them for the little things, because those little things can be their way to cope with the stress. However, unless they start doing something actively destructive to your company, and they are getting their work done, let them enjoy their time at the workplace.

Remember that most people feel like doing something because they feel like no one is forcing them to do anything. Adding explicit restrictions can make your employees feel like they are in a factory rather than in an office. An empowered employee means an employee that is at peak productivity in the workplace.

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