Consider Your Employee to Maximize Productivity in the Workplace

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Treat employees as individuals to maximize productivity in the workplace

Treat employees as individuals to maximize productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

We hear a lot about employee engagement, and to many it seems to be only a buzz phrase of the day. However, this could not be further from the truth. Where employees are engaged, productivity in the workplace increases, they are far more likely to enjoy their job, and a worker that enjoys their job will go that extra mile to ensure that the business objectives are met. Indeed, studies have suggested that a company that focuses on employee engagement initiatives gain twice the profit of a company that neglects employee engagement. Clearly, ensuring that the employees engage with their roles within the company is very important, so how do we ensure that this occurs?

An Employee Is an Individual

We will often hear that there are certain sure fire ways to ensure that an employee is motivated. However, this is somewhat misleading. What these fail to acknowledge is that different people will respond best to different types of interaction. Some people, when they make a mistake, need a good rollicking to set them straight; they will strive to improve when the manager has spoken harshly to them. Others will regress when shouted at, and require a far more gentle approach, perhaps a word in the ear or a little note. The importance of a good manager cannot be overstated; it is only by employing somebody who can identify what an individual will respond to, that we can ensure the individual engages with their work.


Judging criticism is merely the tip of the iceberg. Treating employees as individuals has many other important facets. It is vital that an individual’s skill set is matched with the job that they are to perform; failure to do so will lead to an unproductive workforce and productivity in the workplace will suffer. Similarly, certain people will respond to a manager who takes the time to get to know them; others will prefer to keep their personal and work lives separate. Being able to judge what sort of person you are dealing with is key to ensuring that the employee engages with their work and remains productive.

Too many businesses neglect interpersonal skills. In reality, they are vitally important in ensuring that your employees engage with their tasks, and so maximize their productivity in the workplace.

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