How Emotional Intelligence And Professional Success Are Related!

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Emotional Intelligence or EQ is directly related to social ineptness!

Emotional Intelligence or EQ
is directly related to social ineptness!

It is a known and proven fact that it’s not the book-smart or academically smart people that are the most triumphant in life. You have probably come across people who excelled in academics but were completely incompetent at the social front. These individuals usually don’t get to enjoy as much success in their professional life and their personal life as individuals who are socially competent.

Social ineptness is directly related to emotional intelligence or EQ. While being academically smart can only get you so far, it is rather emotional intelligence that will help you to excel and exceed at work and your personal life.

Individuals that encompass emotionally intelligence are able to steer through the social environment of the workplace without much hesitation. Furthermore, their emotional intelligence helps them form better connections with their colleagues where they are able to motivate and lead them competently and skillfully.

Hence compared to other individuals, emotionally intellectual individuals tend to prosper and excel in their careers swiftly and easily. What’s more is that these days when multinational companies are looking to hire employees, they consider emotional intellect to be as important as technical skills and often test their candidates by making them to take a EQ test.

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