The Effect of Fear Motivation on Productivity in the Workplace

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fear motivation

Fear motivation is used as a last resort when management fails to implement incentive motivation to keep up productivity in the workplace.

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Productivity in the workplace is defined as a measure of the efficiency of the total productivity of the firm’s workforce. In terms of the workforce, it is a ratio of the amount of output that the workforce produces in relation to the input required. Generally, companies want a situation where the workforce is more of an asset than a liability to the company as a whole.

Andy Core describes two key aspects, fear and achievement, as the key elements that can be manipulated to ensure that the productivity of the firm is maximised.


Fear motivation is cantered around creating consequences for certain actions known to the workforce. This type of motivation is used as a last resort when management fails to implement incentive motivation. In business, theories of motivation, the carrot and stick model is very popular. The incentive motivation is the carrot and the stick is fear motivation. With this type, management lets the employees know the negative consequences of certain actions.

Benefit to the Company

The major advantage is that if the consequences are strong enough they can motivate the employees to achieve goals. It also allows the employees to be disciplined about their work and this has a positive effect on the productivity in the workplace. The employees will then be self-driven with very conscious decisions.

Fear motivation is very risky, as failure to communicate will have a negative impact on the productivity of the workforce.

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