Can You Dress Up Your Self Esteem?

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance

Dressing the part can certainly boost your self esteem

Dressing the part can certainly
boost your self esteem

Is it possible to boost your self esteem by just dressing the part?  Can it really enhance your confidence level and improve your performance at work or generally? Well, research shows that it certainly can. Researchers state that self esteem indirectly has to do with once worth and how they value and feel about themselves and dressing happens to be one of those things that surely has the ability to augment their self esteem.

Dressing well to improve confidence level, is a method practiced by many individuals who are considered to be successful but at times can also be a way that is resorted to by individuals that encompass a low self esteem. Such individuals feel as they are being judged by the way they dress up or look and in order to avoid the nervousness that arises from such episodes, they employ the dressing up method.

The thing that one needs to understand is that looking good is different than feeling good. Sure dressing up well will help to boost your confidence. However, there are certainly other areas that need to be focused on in order for one to truly build a strong self esteem- such as learning how to be self-assertive and to think positively.

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