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A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.
-Joan Welsh

It has been said that if you could put exercise in a pill it would be the most powerful medicine on the planet, and here is yet another study that “gives props” to that statement.

The largest “does being fit make you live longer?” study in the history of the world hit the wire this Tuesday from the American Heart Association journal Circulation. The bottom line? The more fit you are, the longer you’re likely to live.

Here is a quick possible scenario. Think about all the 60ish year old men you know. If you sat down with a pen and paper you could probably come up with 100. Here is how many will likely die based on their fitness over the next 8 years .

  • Least fit: 44
  • Moderately fit: 30
  • Highly fit: 15
  • Very highly fit: 8

The message is very clear, but what does reading those stats make you think? What does reading those stats make you feel? Scared, motivated, demotivated, bored (you have heard all this before…)? If you have a quick second, please post response. It will help me better serve you.

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