How To Deal With A Panic Attack On Your Own!

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Learning to control your breathing can help you greatly with your panic attacks!

Learning to control your
breathing can help you greatly
with your panic attacks!

While usually people who are susceptible to panic attacks seek the help of professionals, there still are things you can do on your own to tame the attacks.

Educate yourself a little bit about panic attacks: You can learn about panic attacks by reading articles online or through medicinal books. What you’ll be surprised to find out is that what you feel when you have a panic attack is rather quite normal and it’s not due the fact that you are going mental.

Quit smoking and cut out the caffeine:  People who are prone to panic attacks, both smoking and caffeine have the tendency to incite the attacks. Hence it is best if these individuals abstained from caffeinated products and smoking altogether.

You need to learn how to control your breathing. During a panic attack individuals usually hyperventilate as the panic causes them to breathe quickly. Hyperventilation further makes you feel dizzy which only exacerbates the panic attack. Hence try practicing deep breathing techniques and utilize them when you next have a panic attack, so that you may avoid the risk of hyperventilation. Moreover, deep breathing on its own has the ability to reduce symptoms of panic, anxiety and stress.

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