How To Deal With Cyberbullying

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If you are being cyberbullied, then keep in mind the following things:

It wasn’t your fault to begin with.  Tell yourself that it had nothing to do with you and you were not responsible for any of it. Cyberbullies aim is to make you feel worthless and inferior and you should not blame yourself for their obnoxious acts. Regardless of how a cyberbully attacked you, a professional speaker will tell you that it’s not your place to feel guilty or embarrassed but rather it is them that should feel ashamed about their spiteful behavior.

You shouldn’t let yourself be affected by cyberbullying

You shouldn’t let yourself
be affected by cyberbullying

Constantly remind yourself the reason why cyberbullies love to bully. When dealing with cyberbullying on your own there is a way to instantly jump off the stress wagon and to stay unaffected by it. You need speaker to someone like a professional speaker on that subject or tell yourself that the cyberbully is simply one miserable loser, who is most probably frustrated and discontented with their own life.  As they say misery loves company, keep in mind that cyberbullies just want to gain control over your emotions and make you feel exactly the way you do. So brush off whatever they try hitting you with and never give them the satisfaction of winning!

Don’t dwell over it. Dwelling over the episode will only exacerbate the situation.  Quit reading the comments again and again, rather just delete them. It’s in your best interest to just let it go.

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