Only Cynical Convention Speakers Dismiss the Idea of Work-Life Balance

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Making as much time for your family as you do for work is important for convention speakers' work-life balance.

Convention speakers state that making as much time for your family as you do for work is important for work-life balance.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

You’ll always find people criticizing plans that don’t work, but the only reason some convention speakers claim there is no such thing as work-life balance is because they haven’t found the right mix. Keynote speaker Andy Core shares his recipe for working and playing equally hard.

Separate the Two.

Andy says that when convention speakers blur the lines between work and home, they lose balance. If you assimilate everything into one, you’ll never find a balance because there won’t be anything to balance. He recommends giving it your all while you’re at work, but leave it there once you do. As hard as it may seem, don’t check work emails from home, leave your laptop out of your bedroom, and don’t talk shop until you’re at the shop. Likewise, when you’re at work, don’t bring your home habits with you. This means not staying out late the night before, eating a healthy diet, and making sure you exercise.

Create Support Networks.

It’s very hard to maintain a balance between work and life if there’s no accountability. Share your goals with workmates, family and friends so that they can give you a boost when you need one. Delineate work tasks as needed and brainstorm ideas; when you’re at home, do the same with home jobs. Just because work and life are two different environments doesn’t mean that the same principles can’t be applied.

It’s more than possible to employ a good work-life balance as has been with many successful convention speakers.

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