Cyber Bullying- How You Should Respond To It!

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Cyber bullying should be dealt with vigilantly!

Cyber bullying should be dealt with vigilantly!

Cyber bullying is on the rise presently and if you have been of a victim then learning to respond to cyber bullies appropriately is crucial.

Never respond to the bullying: If you have been attacked by cyber bullies, it’s imperative that you keep yourself from retorting to their comments, no matter how mean or fallacious they might be. Convention speakers will tell you that replying to their posts will only worsen the situation and provoke the bullies further. Plus a response from you is exactly what they want, so do not let them have that kind of satisfaction

Keep collecting your evidence. Start gathering your evidence for whenever you were bullied. Save the comments, or save screen shots of pages where the comments were posted. Once you have the evidence you can first report to the administrator of the page to block out the cyber bully.  Or if the posts comprised of some inappropriate sexual messages then you can head down to the police or authorities that deal with cyber bullies. In such scenarios, the cyber bully’s can be prosecuted by law. If you do not report these incidents, then with time it will get worse. Listen to someone with experience in these areas such convention speakers who speak out on matter of cyber bullying.

Prevent contact from the cyber bully: Just try blocking out the user, their email address etc from all social media platforms and forums.

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