Cut out Trans fats And Saturated Fats From Your Diet

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Saturated and Tran Fat raise your cholesterol levels!

Saturated and Tran Fat raise your
cholesterol levels!

Limiting saturated fat and completely cutting out tans fat are the two things you should eradicate from your diet first when trying to eat healthy. Both of these fat sources increase your cholesterol level which also puts you at a higher risk for stroke and heart conditions. There are several ways through which you can cut back on these two fats.

Limit fats that are in solid state. Lay low on fats that at room temperature remain at solid state such margarine, butter or shortening. The only exception to a solid fat is coconut oil or coconut butter. So instead of butter you can switch to coconut butter. Coconut based fat actually help to lower cholesterol levels and also induce weight loss. Fat in animal protein too is solid fat so try to choose leaner cuts of whatever animal protein you prefer to eat.

Learn to read your food labels. Most processed or frozen foods have added saturated fat and trans fat in them. So be label-savvy and be wary of sneaky hidden fats that might be present in your choice of packaged food. Keep an eye for ingredients such as “hydrogenated oil” which is just a complex name for trans fat!

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