A Motivational Keynote Speaker Reminds us to Criticize Less and Praise More

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Don't criticize, teach.

Take some advice from a motivational keynote speaker and let your employees know that they are #1 in your book.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

Fact: 79% of top performers do not feel appreciated by their managers. It is quite a lot, don’t you think? The answer from a motivational keynote speaker is no longer blowing in the wind. According to Maslow, human beings don’t need only food, but also psychological rewards. We crave affection. They need to be and feel appreciated. How can a person see that he is appreciated? By being criticized? Certainly not.

Don’t Criticize

If the manager is dissatisfied with an employee’s work, he should avoid being overcritical. You can state one’s mistakes without criticizing him. An empathetic question such as, ”What went wrong?” can successfully replace the hardship of a sentence like “How could you make that mistake?” A motivational keynote speaker states that criticizing will definitely make your employee lose his courage and his self-esteem, and it will increase your blood pressure. So, if it is bad for everybody why use it?

Take the Time

A good employee feels demotivated when there is no positive feedback. In many cases, no feedback means bad feedback, so find some time and let your best men know they are the best and don’t patronize them by any means because quality employees are not willing to accept it. Treat them as your peers. After all, this is the truth. You should also motivate and challenge your top workers by assigning difficult work to them. A motivational keynote speaker reminds you that if you do not find a way of motivating your best employees, someone else will and you will have to motivate yourself to find new employees.

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