Corporate Wellness is a Vital Topic for a Business Keynote Speaker

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A business keynote speaker expresses how corporate wellness is vital to ensuring your workplace is as efficient as possible.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance. 

Once you’ve found the perfect mix of employees in your workplace, the next step is making sure everyone is doing well on a daily basis. Business keynote speaker Andy Core shares some advice on what works when it comes to maintaining a healthy work environment.

  • Pay attention to your employees. Getting to know their names and incorporating a personal element helps make employees feel valued and respected: in turn, this can drive them to work harder for their managers. However, make sure to maintain a boundary of professionalism.
  • Offer perks. Our business keynote speaker says that benefits don’t have to be as splashy as what Google offers their employees, but simple perks like gym memberships, access to healthy food and babysitting can help people forge a deeper connection to their jobs. Happy workers are productive workers.
  • Company events. It might seem cheesy to host annual picnics or baseball games, but team-building exercises foster a sense of community between employees.
  • On-going training. One of the most important things in today’s ever-changing job landscape is the maintenance of skills. By offering your employees the chance to upgrade their qualifications in-house, you’re providing an environment where people feel as though they’re important.

A business keynote speaker reminds you that one of your responsibilities as a manager is to make not only your business as competitive as possible, but to remember that the people you’ve hired to make your business successful are just that ­ people.

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