Confidence Tips from a Business Motivational Speaker

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Pick any motivational speaker and you will discover that, confidence refers to that self assurance that someone has within themselves.

To be a successful business motivational speaker you must show confidence in your words and body language. Being self-assured and friendly will win over your audience.


Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.


What is Confidence?

Pick any business motivational speaker and you will discover that confidence refers to that self-assurance that someone has within himself or herself, that often relates to the ability of doing something. Confidence is that aspect of human character that determines success in life. Confidence however, is not being pompous and acting as if you think you are better than other people are. The amount of confidence one has can determine how they feel, in particular situations, how they feel about the day and so on.

Be Presentable

The common phrase that people who are less confident often use is “who cares.” This attitude is applied to every aspect of their life and becomes a valid excuse not to take care of themselves. If you want to start building your confidence, you need to start by looking into ways of keeping up with yourself. A business motivational speaker will advise you to manage what time you sleep and for how long, don’t just sleep and wake up at random.

Secondly, what you need to take control of is your body language. Whenever you talk, your body does the majority of the job. Imagine the last time someone tried to lie to you, their eyes moved too fast or they could not look at you directly, whatever the case may be their body language gave the away. A confident person is able to project confidence through their body language and this is a key element when making a first impression. Body language can never be emphasized enough when you want to become a business motivational speaker.


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