Why a Company Should Implement Workplace Wellness Programs

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Andy Core describes workplace wellness programs as the key to productivity in the workplace. Companies need to implement them to achieve greater productivity

Andy Core describes workplace wellness programs as a key to productivity in the workplace. When an employee is well, he also works well.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being, and Peak Human Performance.

Workplace wellness programs benefits are very important to the company as a whole. Andy Core often reiterates that for a company to reach it desired level of productivity, it needs to employ and implement some of these programs. The question therefore is, are there any benefits to wellness programs outside increased productivity in the workplace.

Health Benefits

One thing that can bring a smile to any employer’s face about these programs is the fact that they can cut health costs for both parties. When the company has workplace wellness programs like those that limit emergency room visits for non-emergency issues, the employees tend to spend less time at the ER, which reduces the claims and the costs incurred by both the employee and the employer.

Better Working Environment

With a well-implemented wellness program, there is an increased job satisfaction. The employees are generally happy and this can lead to a more positive attitude toward their work. The morale is also most likely to increase, creating a very dynamic work environment. Because the employees are more satisfied with their job, there is likely to be a more stable rate of recruitment and retention. The employees will tend to attend work more and there will be less people missing work because they are sick, e.g. flu. The number of minor injuries is decreased by a third and will cut a lot of health covering costs for the firm. Lastly, with workplace wellness programs, the health programs are more managed for both the employer and the employees.

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