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Customer service improvement

Good customer service will trigger marketing through word of mouth. More business means more productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Productivity in the workplace is something that a company aims to achieve in all its departments. One can only imagine how important it is for the company to attain these efficient levels of productivity in the workforce, especially those that provide services to customers. Interaction with customers is very important and will determine, whether the customer will come back or not.

Good Customer Service

Good customer service will trigger marketing through word of mouth. The advantage of word of mouth marketing is in the trust that customers have in each other. If a son was to advice his mother to come to your firm, the mother has more chances of coming than if you were to personally tell her about your services.

Improve Customer Relations

It is important that as a company you constantly test what level your workforce is operating at in relation to customer services. When you commit to retaining customers, as a company your main areas of focus should be the customer relations of your staff, their communication skills and productivity in the workplace. If you go to many online forums, where people discuss products and service providers, you will find that customers despise a bad reception no matter how good a company or its product is.

Remember that the world is a competitive place; it’s more of a war to get customers. What you should aim to do is increase your productivity in the workplace and retain more customers, that is the only way you can get to the top.

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