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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Are external factors outside of your control making your life miserable? Do you find yourself struggling for the silver lining in a sky full of clouds? Are the pressures of succeeding distracting from the time you can spend with friends and family? Answering yes to all these questions doesn’t make you a social pariah; it simply means you are alone in your frustrations.

The modern demands are more hectic and arresting than before.  Picture source

The modern demands are more hectic and
arresting than before.
Picture source

There is always the issue of being faster, more efficient, more productive in everyday tasks that it’s difficult to find measures of pride in past accomplishments. These things, while important in their own rights, hardly mean anything if you are not recognizing the fruits of your labors.

The positive changes in life that we are seeking, ultimately lies within us. Prioritize time between works but also play. Our entire lives are not meant to be spent on an industrial clock and paid for accordingly. Enrichment and happiness comes from doing things we love, not from robotically completing assigned tasks.

Find some time daily to commit to yourself. After consistently providing others with our hard work, it’s time to reap the benefits! To find out more about promoting self worth and awareness, subscribe to Andy Core today.

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