Coconuts Can Actually Help You Lose Fat!

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Coconuts have the ability to actually induce weight loss!

Coconuts have the ability to actually induce
weight loss!

For years nutritionist held the view that coconuts were detrimental for your health. And that they had the tendency to make individuals gain weight. Well, it turns out that health experts were wrong all along.

Though coconuts contain a very high percentage of saturated fat, but the type saturated fat present in coconuts doesn’t get stored in our bodies as fat, rather it fires up your metabolism and hence encourages weight loss. The reason behind it is that the saturated fat present in coconuts, mainly is comprised of medium chain fatty acids as oppose to long chain fatty acids. Long chain fatty acids are the kind of saturated fats that cause weight can and health problems not medium chain fatty acids.

Masticating on coconuts comes with multitudes of benefits. It has shown to decrease cholesterol levels in individuals and in addition enjoying this fruit will give a glow to your skin and improve its overall texture as well. Plus, it will also do make your hair shinier and stronger. Furthermore, coconuts are packed with essential vitamins such as vitamin E and vitamin A. They are also rich sources of amino acids, calcium and potassium, plus they are loaded with fiber.

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