Lower Cholesterol Levels By Adopting These Habits

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Eating the right foods will help to lower your cholesterol levels!

Eating the right foods will help to lower your cholesterol levels!

High cholesterol levels increases one’s risk of developing heart conditions, so it’s best to keep your cholesterol levels under check. Our unhealthy diets are the major contributors of high cholesterol and by eating the right foods you can actually lower your cholesterol.

Shun away saturated or trans fats. A diet that is high in saturated increases your LDL or also known as bad cholesterol, while a high count of trans fat in your diet will actually lower your HDL, also known as good cholesterol. This two edged sword will put you at great risk for various heart and liver diseases. Processed foods such as cookies, chips etc contain more saturated fat than natural foods such as meat, eggs etc. Also trans fat is only found in processed foods and nowhere in naturally occurring foods.

Eat a variety of organic foods.  To lower your cholesterol you need to opt for foods that are rich in fiber, protein, omega3’s. For instance you can add fruits, vegetables, lean animal protein, whole-grains, legumes, nuts and seeds to your diet. Some particular foods items that you should add to your diet include fish, walnut, oatmeal and olive oil.

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