A Few Cautions About Exercise

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Listed below are few things you should watch out for in order to exercise safely.

To exercise safely, make sure you keep
yourself hydrated!

Before commencing any exercise give your practitioner or physiotherapist a visit especially if you have sustained some injuries or undergone some medical procedures recently. Your doctor will instruct you about the kind of exercises and movements that would be suitable for you and the one you should restrain from. Moreover, if your muscles are sore or if you haven’t rested properly, it’s best to take a rest day and you’re your body recuperate.

Take it one step at a time

Start off slowly and increase the intensity of your workouts gradually instead of trying to do it all within a day or a week. If you feel flushed and exhausted simply stop exercising and take a break. See if you can resume after a few minutes and if not, don’t beat yourself over it. Fitness and stamina are achieved with time, not overnight. Doing too much, in too little time will simply lead to injuries.

Keep yourself hydrated

Hydration is important for your body to function and recuperate properly. Dehydration can lead to nausea, muscle soreness and joint pains. Always try to keep a water bottle on you if you are planning to exercise outdoors.

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