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Action: What You Need in Order to Achieve the Best in Life!

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.”

Have you ever wondered why you are simply not pleased with the path your life is taking? All of us have those moments in life where we wonder what we are doing wrong. Sometimes nothing seems to make sense. Not even the most certain things seem right for us. Believe it or not, there is a logical reason that this happens: you still have not decided to change the course your life is taking.

There are simple steps that can be taken to heighten your satisfaction with what you have

There are simple steps that can be
taken to heighten your satisfaction
with what you have

Instead of complaining about traffic or work, think about good things, things that made your day interesting and not annoying. Thinking about foul things will only give you foul feelings. Instead, make sure you make every single second of your free time worth living! Enjoy it! Think, not about when it is going to end, but about how good it is while it lasts.

No one else will be able to help you change your life but YOU! You are the key to change! You can change your life and the life of the people surrounding you! You have so much potential inside of you—all you have to do is let it all out!

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Stress Right – Recent attendee thoughts

If you have ever wondered what my Stress Right program is like (or wondered what others thought) here is a recent comment.   Real attendee thoughts, what they value and experienced.

“A terrific session to take at 8am on the last day of a conference! This session set-up my last day to be a success–despite the exhaustion. Andy’s gift is to demonstrate, through his considerable stand-up skills, just how our many minute-to-minute decisions can add up to big energy problems in the evenings and later on in the week. I was laughing so hard that I didn’t see the revelations coming. Andy is energized and energizing, extremely funny, and thought-provoking. I will definitely make some life changes after taking this session, at least the 3-minute per hour break. Thank you so much.”


A Healthier Focus: Equinox Is Finally Getting It

“It’s (fitness) about quality time and wellness. It’s about having a sound body and mind. It’s not about the perfect physical body.”
-Bianca Kosoy, Equinox (a national chain of fitness centers) senior creative director

I found this quote Tuesday’s WSJ, and believe me, it is not the norm.  Most of North America’s biggest fitness facilities/chains are still trying to sell you a better appearance. You really can’t blame them, especially if they are focused on getting people to sign membership contracts.  Who wouldn’t want to improve their appearance?

 But, if a fitness organization is focused on keeping members, then it is in their (and your) best interest to shift the focus toward the values quoted above.  I’ve seen it time and time and time and time again.  It is only when you shift your focus away from appearance and toward wellness, quality time with friends and family, and the sound body – sound mind connection can you find the motivation to change your eating and activity patterns long term.

And here’s the kicker, moving your focus from appearance toward well-being dramatically raises your odds of improving your appearance.


The Anti-Motivated & the Annoyingly Motivated

Have you ever known someone who was anti-motivated?

Anti-Motivated [an-tee moh-tuh-veyt·ed]: to be motivated to make fun of those who are motivated.

A common example is the unheatlhy person who pokes fun at people who eat healthy or exercise. I bet you know someone like this, but I also bet you know someone who was like that, but then shocked everyone, including themselves, by starting to live healthy. Oh, it gets even better. The new convert soon starts feeling so good that they become what I affectionately call annoyingly motivated.

Annoyingly Motivated [an-noy-ing-ly moh-tuh-veyt·ed]: to be so motivated that you are compelled to try to motivate others, regardless if they want to hear it.

The video in the previous post is a great example of this in action.  What’s the message? What does this tell us about human nature?  Simple.  You can change in amazing and positive ways regardless of your age, stage of life, circumstances… and the only person standing in your way is yourself.


Work-Life Balance Speaker – More Great Days!

Do you sometimes wonder, “Why do I reach for Cheetos when I know I should find some fruit? Why do I stay up to watch Letterman when I know I will wake up tomorrow dog tired? Why do I play Spider Solitare on my computer instead of doing my most important work? Why am I cranky with my family when I know I will regret it someday?”

There are powerful daily barriers keeping you from living as successful, healthy, and connected as you want and deserve to. You can overcome these barriers, but first do you know which barriers you face. Do you recognize this day?

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