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Improve Productivity in the Workplace with a Sense of Direction

A sense of direction encourages increased productivity in the workplace.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

Give your employees a sense of purpose and productivity in the workplace will follow. There are two main advantages to ensuring that your employees are fully aware of the philosophy of the company, and the direction that it is going in:

They Know What They’re Working Towards

For many people, the first day of work is very similar. You are taken to your work station, be that a desk or a cubicle, given a quick introduction about what your role is going to be, directed to the emergency exits and coffee making facilities, and then you are left to get on with it. It is rare that you are given a sense of the philosophy of the company or the direction that it is hoping to move in. The main problem with this is that you begin to lack structure when you are confronted with a problem. If an employee knows the aims of the company, they will find solutions that best further those aims. This will benefit the business and productivity in the workplace far more than a solution chosen blindly.

They Feel Part of the Success

One of the main complaints of employees is that they don’t feel as though they are making a difference. They see their work as menial and therefore take little joy from the successes of the company. The result is a disinterested workforce. Give your employees a sense of the direction that the company is hoping to go, and identify their role in pushing the company forward. This will enable employees to take pleasure in the work that they are doing; secure in the knowledge that they are doing something important.

When your employees buy into the philosophy of the company, everybody benefits. Give them the tools to do so by giving them a good narrative of the business’ aims and philosophy and productivity in the workplace is bound to follow.

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Leadership Speakers Eat Their Way to Happiness

Leadership speakers always make room for a healthy diet when it comes to their wellbeing.

When it comes to their well being, leadership speakers always make room for a healthy diet.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Being leadership speakers takes up a lot of time, but one thing they all make time for is eating well. Expert Andy Core discusses why it’s so important to eat well when it comes to your well being.

  1. The right foods give you the right energy. Eat pizza for breakfast everyday for a month and see how fast you feel sluggish every day. Replace that pie with more nutrition and watch your energy levels zoom.
  2. It’s less expensive to pack a lunch. If you spend $10 on lunch everyday for a month, that’s a year’s gym membership right there. Do it everyday for a year and it becomes a vacation.
  3. Cut back on the alcohol. There’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine here and there, but leadership speakers know waking up hung over more often than not can start to get in the way of your long-term well being.
  4. Exercise regularly. You don’t have to buy the fanciest equipment or dedicate yourself to a marathon a week, but getting yourself moving a little bit each day will go miles in terms of how you feel.

It doesn’t take a huge amount to increase your wellbeing, and leadership speakers will tell you that it’s something they always make time for.

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Keynote Speakers: Individuality Key to Corporate Wellness

Keynote speakers recognize individuality as important when it comes to corporate wellness.

Keynote speakers recognize individuality as an important component when it comes to corporate wellness.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Every keynote speaker understands that the key to success lies in perfectly meshing individual personalities to maximize performance. Expert speaker Andy Core lists three ways to bring different people together and design a successful corporate wellness program.

  1. Learn about your team’s personalities. Take the time to get to know their strengths, their weaknesses and their preferences. You’ll never be able to implement one corporate wellness program that’s suited to everybody, but if you take the time, you’ll be able to work out something that fits most people.
  2. Allow for flexibility. Along with corporate wellness that appeals to the majority, recognize that some people will feel excluded and try to implement an aspect of corporate wellness that they prefer.
  3. Ask for input. You may have an idea of what you think corporate wellness entails, but as any keynote speaker will tell you, you’re not the only one taking part in this. That doesn’t mean that your employees necessarily get a free-for-all in designing corporate wellness, but that their input should be valued, too. After all, they’re the ones for whom the program is designed for and who will be taking part in it.

Every keynote speaker know that following Andy’s three simple steps when it comes to corporate wellness can provide good results and you’ll see how quickly you’re met with success.

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Keynote Speaker Shares Recipe for Good Lifestyle Design

Keynote speakers make this kind of living a reality, not a dream.

Keynote speakers can help make living well a reality, not a dream.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Behind every beautiful building is a skilled and knowledgeable architect. Lifestyle design is no different, and keynote speaker Andy Core tells how to design the metaphorical house of your dreams.

  • Plan: Take a survey of your life first. What areas need fixing? Which ones are already in good form? Identify the aspects of your life that are in need of design.
  • Sketch: Next, you have to make a preliminary drawing of what you want your life to look like, not just how it is right now.
  • Gather materials: After the first two steps, you have to figure out what it will take you to make your house happen. Is it a new job? Brushing up on your skills and qualifications? Networking?
  • Hire people: Get the right people in your life to make your vision happen. This can mean anything from support from your family to shifting workloads at the office.
  • Start building. Now that the design’s in place and you’re surrounded by the right people and the right tools, you need to start building. Keynote speakers know how to help you put those tools to work and start creating the life you want for yourself.

Designing the lifestyle you want can seem insurmountable at first, but every successful keynote speaker has had to face challenges at one time or another. Just remember to break it down into small steps and you’ll be on your way to a great lifestyle design.

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Leadership Speakers: Avoid this Mistake When Planning Corporate Wellness

Leadership speakers practice good communication when planning corporate wellness.

Leadership speakers practice good communication when planning corporate wellness.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

You can have the best corporate wellness plan in the world, but if you don’t avoid one key mistake that leadership speakers have seen in the past, it’ll all be for nothing. Andy Core, a professional keynote speaker, tells you how to avoid this pitfall by going about it the right away.

Failure to Communicate

Once you’ve made a plan of what corporate wellness will entail at your business, it’s your responsibility to communicate that loudly and clearly. Tell your leaders and supervisors what you expect of them, listen to their feedback, and do this on an on-going basis. Communication isn’t a one-time deal: it’s something that you do all the time to keep getting better at it.

Keep Emotions at a Manageable Level

There are plenty of arenas in which to raise your voice – work is not one of them. Keep a cool head when discussing your plan and remember that not everybody is going to share the same opinion that you do. Leadership speakers say that you should keep in mind that corporate wellness is a team effort and that all successfully managed companies are a democracy, not a dictatorship.

By avoiding this key mistake that manifests itself in two ways, leadership speakers like Andy Core will tell you that you’re a step above the competition when it comes time to plan corporate wellness in your workplace.

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