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Keynote Speaker’s Advice About Relationship Issues


Couples can benefit from the advice of a keynote speaker.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

Keynote speakers understand that couples get into relationship issues from time to time – even those that are labeled as “perfect” by many. A relationship issue may indicate a break-up, which is why it must be worked on  to ensure that the affection and love between two individuals is not be thrown inside a bin.

If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, without seeing it fall apart, then here are some tips from Andy Core, your trusted keynote speaker:

  • Always be positive. Positivity invites good vibes. Being surrounded by anything good will clear your mind and help you in coming up with better decisions.
  • Do not conclude. Make sure you have all the essential proof before you come up with a conclusion. You should also speak with your partner before you become clouded with negative thoughts and painful accusations.
  • Recognize love and affection. You have to think about how much you love your partner so that you can weigh things well. But just a safety precaution, do not let love envelope you so much that you will no longer be able to see the faults.
  • Look for sound solutions. Solutions must benefit you and your partner. Do not settle for something you haven’t thought about for a long time, as these will not leave you with satisfying results.

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A Professional Speaker on Low Self-Esteem


Implementing the tips of a professional speaker can lead you to having more confidence in yourself.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

A professional speaker will tell you that lack of self-esteem can limit a person’s actions that are essential to become successful. With low self-esteem, almost nothing can be attained as the person thinks negatively, believing that he may not be able to do a job well because of lack of skills. Having such an outlook, where negativity has enveloped a being, a quality lifestyle design must be executed.

In order for a person to uplift his low self-esteem, he must develop a brighter outlook in life by inviting positive vibes. Avoid negativity, as these will tend to bring your mood down. Have enough trust on your capabilities in order for you to be able to work well, and be able to apply all your necessary skills in your chosen field.

Focus on what will be attained rather than what will not. Though not losing anything is like playing safe, it will also keep you inside your comfort zone without proving anything to the people around you. Though there is a big chance of losing a fight, at least you have tried to attain what you have wanted. With such drive, it will also help you to surpass the challenges that knock your door. Your self-esteem is the core of your being. Without it, everything can break down into pieces. Practice at being self-confident and before you know it, you will be.

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Understanding Success With a Reputable Business Motivational Speaker


A business motivational speaker can help you understand where real success is.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

Success is not just about the money you earn or the popularity you get in your chosen industry. But, how will you know if you have achieved success – something you have been dreaming of? According to Andy Core, a renowned business motivational speaker, success is not really hard to attain, especially if you have the drive to achieve what you have been wanting. With such passion, you will be able to do better in life.

If you are content with what you have, then it may indicate that you have finally reached success. Success is not about having all the material things you have been dreaming to have. These are but consolation prizes. Real success is attained if you have clarity of mind and the happiness within your heart.

You can not take your attained material things with you after you die, but you can keep the satisfaction that has been filling your mind and heart and it is enough for you to understand what real success is. Listen to Andy Core, your reputable business motivational speaker, and you will understand that life is better if you only know how to be content with what you have.

There is nothing wrong in aspiring for more than you have now, but if you are already doing things that do not provide a good outcome to you and the people around you, then it is now time to think about your wasted energy.

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America’s Most Fattening Gut Bomb

Like many of my subscribers, eating “on the run” is a necessary evil.  For a work-life balance speaker, however, eating out is research. I am always looking for ideas on how to save calories, choose the healthiest foods and, for the most part, avoid the gut bombs.

Gut Bomb (gŭt bŏm): 1. A food or beverage that when entering your mouth you think “awesome!”, but when reaching your midsection explodes into a gut building, fatigue inspiring, cranky causing mushroom cloud.

This article from Men’s Health and Eat this, Not That! on the worst foods in America is eye opening and fun.

The 20 Worst Foods in America: The U.S. food industry has declared war on your waistline. Here’s how to disarm its weapons of mass inflation

I have eaten the most fattening food in America and it tasted awesome, but it left me feeling awful.  Like most carbohydrates, once you start eating it you find yourself eating faster and faster until you have a forkful of food hovering right outside your mouth as you chew the previous bite.

If you have trouble stopping once you start eating carbs, then try this tip I learned from a biochemist from Australia.  Eating a carbohydrate snack can stop carbohydrate craziness.  Yes, I am serious.  The catch is the snack has to be less than 40 grams of carbohydrates.  Any more than that will throw gas on the french fries.  My favorite example is the Peanut Butter Halfy, and it is also my wife’s favorite “on the run” breakfast.  I have seen her throw a big tablespoon of reduced fat peanut butter on one piece of whole wheat bread, sandwich it over, grab an apple and a bottle of water and be in the car in less than 90 seconds.  Now that, is eating on the run!


The Magic Letter– The Best 8 Minutes You Have Ever Spent

If you travel for business, leaving your significant other behind is usually one of the biggest stresses you face. This stress, however, can reach critical mass when travel gets extended, unexpected trips pop up, trips get strung together into one long trip, etc. In my case, it is during the summer convention season.

I discovered the magic letter the day after I returned from just such a scenario. Imagine a very weary traveler lands home hoping for trumpets sounding and a “Yeah! You are home!” embrace. But rather, your welcome is a bit on the frosty side.

Taking care of the home front alone is often tiring and thankless. It is not hard to imagine that they could think “while you were traveling, eating room service and having fun, I am here keeping the ship afloat.” One of my friends and fellow business travelers, Andrew Marks, offers this work-life balance nugget.

“Andy, try this before your next trip.

1. A few days before you leave make a reservation at a favorite restaurant.

2. Write a quick letter to your significant other that reads like this:

‘Dear (insert pet name), I would like to cordially invite you to a dinner at (favorite place) at 7PM on Friday June 1st. I miss you and I am very excited to spend some much needed time with you. I can’t wait to hear about your week.
Love, …’

3. Send the letter three days before you are scheduled to return from the trip.”

After a week of traveling and eating at restaurants, the last thing I want to do is go to another restaurant, but that (and the eight minutes it takes me to make these arrangements) are a small price to pay for a happy homecoming.

Do you have a suggestion that could help the rest of us better manage our travel lives? If so, hit comment and share.

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