Could Cardio In A Fasted State Cardio Help You Lose Weight Faster?

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Fasted cardio will help you burn more fat.

Fasted cardio will help you burn more fat.

Are you wondering whether or not you should integrate fasted cardio into your existing fitness routine? Could fasted cardio really help you lose weight quicker? Though it is a known fact that doing cardio in a fed state will aid in burning off calories, what is important to note is that these calories might not essentially be burning off adipose fat.

The basic idea supporting fasted cardio is that, on an empty stomach in order to provide fuel for our workouts, our bodies are more likely to dunk into our fat stores instead of glycogen (which is basically is carbs).

After being not fed for more than a few hours, our bodies are known to be in a fasted mode, where they use up all the carbs (glycogen) that already exists in our bodies and ones these carb stores diminish, our bodies finally begin to burn fat instead. At this stage the body is known to have switched a fat burning metabolism, where it solely burns off our stored fat to provide us with energy that we require to perform our daily activities. Therefore aim to add in fasted cardio to your daily workouts and try doing it in the mornings.


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