The Business Motivational Speaker Five Laws of Productivity

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Five laws of productivity

Using the five methods set down by the business motivational speaker group, you are bound to have a successful new product launch.

Business motivational speakers say that companies around the world are striving to ensure that they increase the productivity of their firms. Most of these companies have little idea about what steps they can take to achieve this successfully. Here are some laws of productivity that if adhered to can increase their productivity.

Break the Seal of Hesitation

Most managers are often hesitant to try new ventures or try out new ideas for the company. This is often because of the risks associated with new ventures. Business motivational speakers want to point out that managers need to realize that a business cannot succeed without taking risks, and big risks often result in big returns.

Start Small

When you have an idea in your mind, you should try to think small. If you think big and this is a new idea in the market, there is likely to be more barriers to entry. Start your idea as a small project and see it grow, together with your organization. This will mean there is less resistance.


It is useful to have a prototype of your idea. A prototype will help you identify some of the risks you are likely to face in the implementation phase.

Develop Your Project Bit By Bit

This will help you track your progress and ensure that the various modules are implemented well.

Develop a Routine

Business motivational speakers say that a routine will help you create a good foundation for sparking the true insight of the project. Consistency has been proven to produce more results and is thus more productive.

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