Business Motivational Speaker Outlines How To Gain Respect from Employees

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Business motivational speaker Andy Core, emphasizes that for effective communication in the workplace there is need for a certain level of respect.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.


Lack of Respect

Business motivational speaker Andy Core emphasises that for effective communication to happen in the workplace, there is need for a certain level of respect from the employees to management. Lack of respect will lead to a very inefficient workforce. This is mainly because the workers are constantly fighting to prove a point to management whilst management is trying to impose their authority on the workforce. A work force that doesn’t respect management will not respect the organizational goals, and the principles of the organization.

How to Gain Their Respect

Gaining respect can be a long process, but once achieved can be very rewarding. The difficult thing is having to tell people what to do and at the same time being respectful. The situation is worse when it comes to reproaching them. However, business motivational speakers suggest that when you are faced with such situations, it can be helpful to give a certain degree of control to the employee in terms of the tasks that need to be done. When an employee feels that you trust them with a task, they will end up respecting you in return of your trust.

The business motivational speaker emphasises that respect is a mutual thing and it can only be achieved by working with each other.

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