Business Motivational Speaker Highlights Reasons for Low Motivation

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Overworking and tiredness is one of the main reasons for low motivation say business motivational speakers

Overworking and tiredness are some of the main reasons for low motivation say a business motivational speaker.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance

A business motivational speaker notes that the performance of any company is dictated by the motivation of its workforce. It is vitally important as an employer, to be aware of the motivation level of staff. A lack of motivation is almost contagious and can spread like wild fire. In order to cure a lack of motivation in the workplace it is first necessary to identify the source and reason. Business motivational speakers describe some common causes:

Insufficient Job Skills

If an employee is to be motivated in their job, it must be something that they feel they are adequately prepared for and can do well. The key to combating this is to provide adequate training before the employee starts the job. In addition, offering more responsibility can boost motivation, but the employee must be prepared for the new position; otherwise, this will destroy their confidence and motivation will plummet.

Unsuitable Goals

An employee is much more likely to be motivated if the goals of a company and their hard work are targeted at giving a benefit to customers rather than just making more money for those in charge. This will result in higher motivation and ultimately higher productivity.


Make sure that employees are not overworked or tired and have some time to relax to avoid the disastrous effect of stress and low motivation. If your business is one that will require a lot of overtime make sure this is planned as far in advance as possible and is distributed fairly, where possible.

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