Burnout and Productivity in the Workplace

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Burnout in relation to productivity in the workplace

Burnout can negatively affect motivation and productivity in the workplace.


Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing and Peak Human Performance.

A heavy workload, coupled with an unmotivated and unhappy workforce is bound to cause burnout to employees and severely affect productivity in the workplace. Burnout refers to an extended feeling of exhaustion and a massive loss of motivational drive that impedes the productivity of an afflicted employee. If not addressed early, burnout might lead to depression, which consequently causes an employee to become unfit for work. Employees are the backbone of any business, therefore their needs, physical and mental condition must be taken into serious consideration. There are three forms of burnout according to current research:

A. “Frenetic:” Burnout that happens when people are encumbered by an immense amount of work. Frenetic burnout is correlated to how many hours a week employees have to work.

B. “Under-challenged:” Burnout that happens to people who are not motivated and unhappy in the workplace. It is related to dissatisfaction with job tasks.

C. “Worn-out:” Burnout that happens to people who have been working at the same position for a long time. It is related to a lack of acknowledgment and a loss of control over work.

Any of the three types of burnout can be devastating. Workplace wellness programs can help employees steer away from the ides of burnout. Benefits of workplace wellness programs include an increased amount of energy for employees, healthy social and team interaction, and a general sense of satisfaction with the working environment. Workplace wellness programs can ensure that productivity in the workplace remains high.

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