What To Do If You Are A Bully Yourself!

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If you are bully yourself, to re-program control over your attitude towards bullying, read the following pointers:

View it from the perspective of a victim:  Bullies only want to gain control over your emotions so that they may make you feel as miserable as they truly do. To give yourself a reality check, look at bullying from a victim’s angle and share that insight with your friends, leadership speakers, colleagues and family.

Bullying is extremely hurtful for the victim and can damage your own life too!

Bullying is extremely hurtful for the victim
and can damage your own life too!

Keep in mind the long-term consequences of bullying: While bullying is obviously painful for the victim, it also can affect your life negatively. Talk to leadership speakers for encouragement. If your behavior is reported to the authorities, by law you could be facing jail time. So if you feel the urge to bully again tell yourself that it’s just not worth it and while it might make you feel good right now, it will simply worsen things for you in the future.

Focus your attention on all that you have been blessed with.  We all tend to take a lot of things in our lives for granted. Make a list of things that you simply would never want to lose and that truly mean something to you. When you feel down and want to resort to bullying, remind yourself of all that you are gifted with so that it lifts your spirits and you can keep the need to bully at bay.

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