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Broccoli: Why You Should Include It In Your Diet

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Broccoli is loaded with several vital vitamins and minerals!

Broccoli is loaded with several vital vitamins
and minerals!

You might not be an ardent fan of Broccoli, but know this that this vegetable happens to be one of the most nutritious powerhouse vegetables. Broccoli belongs to the same family group as Brussels-sprout, cabbage and cauliflower and is commonly advocated by nutritionist as a nutrient-dense vegetable.

Being one of the top super foods that nature has to offer, broccoli can provide with twice the amount of vitamin C, vitamin E as is required by our bodies daily. Moreover it will also provide you double the amount of vitamin A, folate, and various vitamin B compounds. Additionally, it is also loaded with minerals like iron and calcium.

The best part is that broccoli is very low in calories and is extremely satisfying as it is abundant in fiber. The fiber in broccoli is extremely beneficial for producing healthy bowel movements and also is good for your digestive system. It also helps to lower your cholesterol levels.

Eating heaps of broccoli and can reduce the risk of developing certain kind of cancers such as colon cancer. The sulphur present in broccoli is what helps cancer killing enzymes block harmful carcinogens that are existent in the foods we eat. So try including this nutritious vegetable in your diet as often as you can.

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