Your Brain- Use It Or Lose It!

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

In order to maintain optimal brain functioning you need to stimulate your brain often!

In order to maintain optimal brain functioning
you need to stimulate your brain often!

Individuals, who keep their minds engaged and stimulate it by learning new, challenging things through the course of their life, are the least gullible to developing Alzheimer’s diseases or dementia. So exercising your brain is necessary for keeping it healthy and briefly if you don’t push it or use it, you’ll simply end up losing it.

Keep learning something new.  By doing this you are able to stimulate your brain in a way that helps it to grow further. You can take up cooking classes, dancing classes, start playing a new sport etc. Any new hobby or engagement will do as long as it truly pushes you. The harder it will be, the more your brain will develop.

Work on your memory skills. We all are susceptible to poor memory if we don’t work get in the habit of memorizing. So to improve your memory and to maintain it, take up memory enhancing activities. Begin with something easy and then gradually keep moving on to something harder.

Play board games, strategy games, puzzles etc: Games like chess, Scrabble, Chinese checkers, cards, monopoly encourage brain development. Strategy based video games in particular offer one a great mental workout and help to build your cognitive senses and improve your mental capacity.

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