Some Body Language Tips to Embrace from Leadership Speakers

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Embrace what leadership speakers do. Its often better and more motivating than trying to relate to their speech.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well being, and Peak Human Performance.

Whenever you see leadership speakers in action there a number of body language traits you can pick up and these can help in building your confidence. Body language is often our ambassador in any situation and can often determine what reaction we get from people.  Here are some of the common you should and shouldn’t do.

Confidence in Interaction

Whenever you meet people or find yourself in a position that requires you to greet people try by all means to always give a firm handshake. A handshake always portrays the level of confidence that you operate at. A weak handshake will shout weakness in most cases and you should always ry to avoid it.  When you are listening to someone talking, give a nod or two when you understand what they are saying or you agree with what they are saying. This shows that you are following what they are saying.  Smiling is a no brainer, it must be the basis f confidence if there is such. Whenever you smile around people it shows that you are able to socialize with people without much difficulty

Avoid unnecessary Actions

Some people think when they rub the back of their head; they appear as if they are putting much thought into something. Big mistake! Never scratch the back of your head it shows you are not sure of whatever it is you are saying and people often think you are making up what you are saying as you go. When sitting don’t shake your legs or fold your hands for a prolonged period of time. Like with most leadership speakers, it shows that you are nervous and not interested in what is going on around you.

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