Body Fat-The Difference Between Subcutaneous Fat vs Visceral Fat

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Excess of both, subcutaneous and visceral fat can be fatal for health

Excess of both, subcutaneous and visceral fat can
be fatal for health

The fat we retain on our bodies can be split into two main categories, namely essential fat and stored fat. Essential fat is known to be kind of fat that is truly vital for us to have in order for our bodies to function optimally.  Now when it comes to stored fat, it can further be divided into two types- visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. One should be well aware about the differences of these two kinds of fat especially if you are an individual who is trying to achieve certain fat-loss goals.

Starting with subcutaneous fat, this type of fat is found right underneath our skin. When focusing on weight loss, this is the fat that we all should try to burn off and what’s more is that it can be easily be burned through proper exercise.  Subcutaneous fat is also responsible for causing cellulite. So if you manage to burn it off, the better your skin will look.

Moving on to visceral fat, this particular kind of fat sits around the body’s organs. The more visceral fat you have the more detrimental it will be for your health. So in order to stay healthy, make sure that your body fat levels are in check and fall under the normal range.

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