Avoid Carcinogenic Chemicals By Employing These Tips!

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Charring, barbequing or drying meats creates carcinogenic substances!

Charring, barbequing or drying meats
creates carcinogenic substances!

One of the main reasons people suffer from cancer is because their diets are heavily loaded with carcinogens. Carcinogens are cancer-inducing chemicals that tend to develop when food is cooked or preserved. Types of food in which carcinogens are usually present include charred meat, cured meat, smoked foods, dried meat, preserved meats such as sausages, salami. The following are a few ways in which you can minimize the carcinogen count

Avoid cooking oils on high heat. Oils tend to turn carcinogenic when cooked on high heat higher than 250 degrees. Low-heat cooking prevents this phenomenon from taking place.

Do not barbeque your meat too much. When you char or barbeque your meat the process encourages the creation of carcinogenic substances. If you still do feel like barbequing make certain that you go easy on the barbeque and that you cook your meat at a moderate temperature.

 Get in the habit of storing your oils in cool places and in airtight containers. It’s essential to store your oils in tight containers away from the sunlight as they tend to go rancid rapidly when they are exposed to heat.

Opt for fresh meats. Instead of getting processed meats such as dried or cured meat etc, chose fresh meats to keep the carcinogenic substances at bay.

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