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Defying The Grim Reaper

A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.
-Joan Welsh

It has been said that if you could put exercise in a pill it would be the most powerful medicine on the planet, and here is yet another study that “gives props” to that statement.

The largest “does being fit make you live longer?” study in the history of the world hit the wire this Tuesday from the American Heart Association journal Circulation. The bottom line? The more fit you are, the longer you’re likely to live.

Here is a quick possible scenario. Think about all the 60ish year old men you know. If you sat down with a pen and paper you could probably come up with 100. Here is how many will likely die based on their fitness over the next 8 years .

  • Least fit: 44
  • Moderately fit: 30
  • Highly fit: 15
  • Very highly fit: 8

The message is very clear, but what does reading those stats make you think? What does reading those stats make you feel? Scared, motivated, demotivated, bored (you have heard all this before…)? If you have a quick second, please post response. It will help me better serve you.

Quick Advertisement: I, not so humbly, believe that my new exercise book and/or DVD Master Your Body “The No-Equipment Necessary” Complete Fitness program can fit into your life and will help you live longer and better.


Positive Motion Creates Positive Emotion

I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues.
-Duke Ellington

Picture this scene. You are sitting on a comfy hotel bed and you have a couple hours of downtime. You start thinking…

“What should I do? I could catch up on some paperwork, watch a movie, take a nap, call some friends, …” But then this thought pops into your mind.

“I need to exercise.” Sigh. “I am a tired and I really don’t want to exercise. But skipping doesn’t make me feel that great either, and if I don’t do it now it will not happen…” As each second ticks away so does the likelihood you will exercise.

Here is what I do in this situation, and I am faced with it often. First, as soon I think “I need to exercise,” and realize that it is now or never, I stop thinking and start moving. I get up and start walking briskly around the room. A little motion starts making me feel better. I then throw on my mp3 player hit play on my laptop and boost some music that makes me want to move.

That whole scene takes about 90 seconds. In this short time my attitude has started to change. I feel at least a little bit more like exercising, and that is usually enough to get me to put on my workout clothes. In a few more moments I am out the door.

The crazy thing is that it only takes about 12-15 minutes of exercising before the fog and fatigue disappear and I think “I was crazy for not wanting to do this.”

Have you been there? This situation is a great example of one of my Core Principles – Positive Motion Creates Positive Emotion. As soon as you get up and start moving you start feeling better, more optimistic, more willing to do what you know you should do. This principle also works during meetings, creativity sessions, arguments, etc.

I merely took the energy it takes to put off exercising and exercised. The
interesting thing is that I ended up with more energy.

-Andy Core

*If you are so inclined, I would love for you to comment on what you do that helps you get out the door.


Master Your Body Sample – AB Dog

What is the only thing people want more than weight reduction? Waist reduction. With this video you can learn an exercise that beats crunches and any AB Gizmo on the planet and shrink your waist, strengthen your back, and for guys, it will do something very important… I will just leave it at that.
*Excerpted from Master Your Body – The “No Equipment Necessary” Complete Fitness Program. For more info


The “How to Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick” Game

This is the best time of year to change your life for the better. Period.

Sure, there are lots of naysayers out there criticizing people for trying to change again. Those people bug me.  Just because you have tried and have fallen short means little.  As a matter of fact, research indicates past failures can sometimes give you a higher probability for success.

I admit that many new year’s resolutions fall short, a very large number do come true. What does it take to increase your odds of success? How can you make the whole process of personal change easier? What pitfalls should you avoid? These are important questions to be answered. But real learning is a two-way process.  This is where you join the game.

Your challenge is to think back to when you set a goal for yourself, then answer the following question:

“On your last attempt to improve yourself, what was the one thing that helped you most?”

For example, here is mine:

  • My goal: From October 2007 to March 2008 I will average two hours every workday on the phone catching up with current clients and connecting with prospective clients.
  • The one thing that kept me on track was: I designated a specific time on my schedule to make calls, 9-11AM every workday.

Side-note: I am following one of my mentors recommendations – “two hours a day of P&P – you are either on the Phone or you Pee, that’s it.” I try to hit this no matter what, and so far so good!

Step 1: Click on the title of this post.
Step 2: At the bottom of the page you can post your comment, or you might see “You must be logged in to post a comment.”  Click this to quickly login or register.
Step 3: Answer the two questions below – that’s it!

My goal:
The one thing that kept me on track was:

You win two ways. First, you can check back to see what your 7,000+ fellow subscribers answered, or you can wait a week and then I will post (on this blog) a complete summary of the top answers, plus ideas I have personally used and know work very well. Plus, the entry I judge best will win a copy of my new book Master Your Body The “no equipment necessary” complete fitness program (Retail price $14.95, shipping included!)
For more info:

Sooner or later you will set and important goal. You might as well play now and get armed with info that can make the whole change process easier and more successful.


Welcome – Lets Get This Party Started!

Glad you are here! This blog has a very specific two step.

Step One: I provide ideas, tools, questions, and how tos designed to help you:

  • Increase your motivation to live healthier
  • Be able to “do more with less” at work and still have a life
  • Decrease the stress you feel and absorb
  • Significantly increase the overall fun factor in your life

Step Two: You hit the “comment” link below and add to it, challenge it, affirm it, or write whatever you honestly feel about what I or your fellow “commentors” wrote.

The first post is coming VERY soon!

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