The Art of Giving And What It Can Do For You!

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

The gift of giving will help to lighten up your own soul too!

The gift of giving will help to lighten up your
own soul too!

Studies indicate that the art of giving is far more self-gratifying than people might envision it to be. Individuals in general feel much more satisfied and happier when they are able to provide for someone other than themselves. Giving doesn’t necessarily require you to offer a heap sum of money to someone— whether it be a family member, your friends, acquaintances or just some random stranger in need. Rather, the most miniscule of things, have the inclination to not only bring a smile on the recipient’s face, but will unequivocally boost your spirit as well.

Any voluntary act that depicts benevolence, compassion or care can indubitably deliver a strong spike to your happiness levels. For instance a few simple acts of kindness could include assisting a fellow with the school or work assignment, helping someone elderly cross the road or just passing a smile at a stranger, can simply make their day. Moreover, you’ll notice how it affects your own mood as well.

Other ways in which you can provide for other could comprise of you being there for someone and listening to what they ache to share, plus offering somebody a few words of wisdom, inspiration, encouragement or motivation,

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