A Few Things To Know About Anger

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You can’t earn respect through anger or aggression!

You can’t earn respect
through anger or

Is it healthy to vent out anger instead of holding it in?

Some people might think that it’s best to not hold their anger in and instead they should simply let it out as to them it is the healthier of the two options. Where it’s true that trying to suppress your anger can be unhealthy, lashing out on other is in no way the superior option. Anger can be managed without you bursting in a hostile or aggressive way. In actuality, sudden outbursts only deteriorate the situation. Try suppressing your anger through meditation, slow breathing etc.

 Anger and intimidation won’t help you to gain respect or get whatever you want!

While bullies think that they encompass the bravado and ways of a true winner but they couldn’t be more wrong. Real strength and power doesn’t come from bullying others and it certainly is not the way to gain respect either.

 You can learn to actually control your anger

It might not be in your hands to shun away the situations that elicit anger out of you, but you can learn to control your anger through healthy means. Even when someone might be getting on your nerves or simply pushing your buttons, you can always react to the situation in a non-violent manner where you won’t require to badger the other person verbally or physically

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