America’s Most Fattening Gut Bomb

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Like many of my subscribers, eating “on the run” is a necessary evil.  For a work-life balance speaker, however, eating out is research. I am always looking for ideas on how to save calories, choose the healthiest foods and, for the most part, avoid the gut bombs.

Gut Bomb (gŭt bŏm): 1. A food or beverage that when entering your mouth you think “awesome!”, but when reaching your midsection explodes into a gut building, fatigue inspiring, cranky causing mushroom cloud.

This article from Men’s Health and Eat this, Not That! on the worst foods in America is eye opening and fun.

The 20 Worst Foods in America: The U.S. food industry has declared war on your waistline. Here’s how to disarm its weapons of mass inflation

I have eaten the most fattening food in America and it tasted awesome, but it left me feeling awful.  Like most carbohydrates, once you start eating it you find yourself eating faster and faster until you have a forkful of food hovering right outside your mouth as you chew the previous bite.

If you have trouble stopping once you start eating carbs, then try this tip I learned from a biochemist from Australia.  Eating a carbohydrate snack can stop carbohydrate craziness.  Yes, I am serious.  The catch is the snack has to be less than 40 grams of carbohydrates.  Any more than that will throw gas on the french fries.  My favorite example is the Peanut Butter Halfy, and it is also my wife’s favorite “on the run” breakfast.  I have seen her throw a big tablespoon of reduced fat peanut butter on one piece of whole wheat bread, sandwich it over, grab an apple and a bottle of water and be in the car in less than 90 seconds.  Now that, is eating on the run!



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